Our Story

Flame Candle Co. was created because we believe scents can truly transform any environment into a calming sanctuary, evoke memories from the past, create a cozy environment for a gathering of friends and family, or set the mood for a quiet night in.  The only problem is most candles contain plastics, chemicals, and harsh products.  That's when it was decided we needed to make candles with all the "good," without all the "bad."  This passion led to researching fragrance and essential oils, and making candles in my kitchen in Manor, TX, a small town right outside of Austin, TX.  Then, with the support of friends and family, we put ourselves, and our candles, out into the world because we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy these candles as much as we do.  Now, you have the chance experience this joy, as well.  Welcome to the Flame Candle Co. Family!